‘The Unlinked Wink’, or ‘The Futility of Rainbow-Chasing’

Well, I’m baffled. It’s times like this I wish I’d actually attended paid attention in my lectures at University and learned more about programming. I mentioned and ‘winked at’ that Linkie Winkie site yesterday, in the hope I’d get the reciprocal link that others seem to be getting, but I got nada.

My friend Udy at UnderYourNose had a crack as well – also to no avail, it would seem. But there’s a linked post with no mention of LW at all, and Haute Gossip posted a baffled statement about it (even citing my post as proof of general bafflement), and there they are at the top of the wink list. Go figure.

More evidence is accruing, though; this post here indicates that not only is the site automatic (so I shouldn’t feel snubbed, I just somehow failed to meet the right criteria), but that there’s a lot of giggling, nudging and secret handshakes going on among certain SEO geeks. So I’m figuring I’ve been brushed by the coat-tails of something that is destined to pass me by. I think maybe the crawler is looking for a certain core number of regular readers before it links back, which would explain the lack of reciprocation quite adequately – VCTB is a bit of a backwater, to be honest…(sob, whimper, etc)

…although a mention at The Valve of my ‘History of SF’ review (which is either ripping the piss out of me or Adam Roberts, or maybe both) has shunted across a one-day blip of high traffic, which appears to mostly be literary boffins who’ve been less than impressed by my ramblings. Ah, who cares. I am what I am. Selah.

I think the moral of the story here is probably that I should spend less time looking for a ‘free lunch’ of traffic, and more time producing decent content which will encourage people to drop by of their own accord. So this is the last I shall bother following this Winkie business – I have more constructive things to be getting on with. Bitter? No – why do you ask? 😉

10 thoughts on “‘The Unlinked Wink’, or ‘The Futility of Rainbow-Chasing’”

  1. I’m sorry, you’re wrong. If you go back to Tina Gasperson’s post you will find 2 words in queston after the body copy, complete with a link back to the linkie winkie page.

  2. The man speaks the truth; couldn’t see the trees for the forest there.

    Ah, hell; the timing factor is obviously a bigger deal than I thought. And time is one thing that I simply don’t have enough of anyway. Some you win, some you lose.

  3. I’m fairly certain that the size of your readership is not part of the criteria. There are only a handful of people who subscribe to my feed, yet somehow I’ve managed to get winked twice. Well, your bound to get some traffic from people searching “linkie winkie” anyway.

  4. I replied to your comment on Acephalous, but in case you didn’t read it, I thought I’d pop over here and say it again:

    Sorry for the confusion, AA. I’m winding up Adam, who sent me a copy of the book gratis with the expectation that I’d review it. Of course, that may just be my insecurities at play there, since I assume the arrival of any free books creates a complicit agreement to review.

    Anyhow, as you’ll note if you hit the other place I posted it, the Valve, Adam’s one of our stable of scribblers. (Has a new post up today, in fact.)

    That said, some advice on how to drive your traffic up from someone who (not counting Google) averages about 300 individual readers (not counting the impossible to count RSS readers): comment on other people’s site while building writing substantial works on yours. Your review of Adam’s book was excellent, hence the link; keep posting quality material, and the links will come. (Esp. if your comments are substantial.) Also, the more individual the subject of your posts, the better the chance your posts will be highly-ranked on Google. If you blog about the same things everyone else does, you’ll have the same search-term profile as them. Only they’re bigger than you, so you won’t get much reciprocal traffic.

    (Now I say all this as someone who managed to get booted off Google’s index somehow. I don’t think they liked the series of links I had to relevant sections of the Voice of the Shuttle. I took ’em down and am waiting to be reindexed.)

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have your post make it to BoingBoing, Fark, or what-not. Write well, write individually, and you too can have your very own hoards! (The “My Morning” post on my top right sidebar was Farked. The one called “Disadventure” made it to BoingBoing. Both for being humorous, though, not important. I’m many things, but important isn’t one of them.)

  5. Although I don’t appear to have been winked, my blog/podcast subscriptions have gone up. Maybe it’s just coincidence, maybe it’s because of my new content. Hard to say. Good fun trying to work it out though 🙂

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