Things you really should know …

if you have upgraded (or are about to upgrade) to WordPress 2.5. To be fair, most of this should be obvious to anyone accustomed to learning software by getting their hands dirty, or who has been using WordPress for more than a few months – almost everything is still there, but it has been shuffled around and prettified somewhat.

While it does explain how to squash some of the media uploader bugs (hint – the Bad Behaviour plugin), it doesn’t explain why the new image insertion protocols are so weirdly different. Yeah, that’s me – all stuck in my ways. Gimme back my automatically-created thumbnails, you bastards – The Dreaded Press requires them!


if you’re going to talk about the Middle East.

The title is “What Every American Should Know About The Middle East“, but I can’t think of a huge number of Brits who couldn’t do with taking the three minutes it will take to have some completely misfounded notions defused.

Of course, as with all such things, the people who most need to read it are the ones who won’t or can’t.


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