This is a test of Windows Live Writer …

… which I am widely informed is that rarest of things, an optional piece of Microsoft software that actually works really well. The deal maker for me will be whether or not the plugin I have installed will pass the keywords through correctly. Fingers crossed!

[Edit: well, what do you know – it actually works as advertised. Chalk one up for Microsoft!]

For those of you who might be interested in looking into this for your own blogwork, Windows Live Writer should be easy enough for you to search out (be warned, you’ll need the .NET framework if you don’t already have it, and there’s a fair few security updates to go with it, so set aside a half hour or so to get it all installed).

WLW appears to work nicely with WordPress ‘straight out of the box’, as it were. The main concern for me was whether or not it would handle my tagging system; I use Bunny’s Technorati Tags to manage them at the server-end, and have never had a complaint or reason to migrate. (A lot of people rave about Ultimate Tag Warrior, but I’ve never really seen the point; it seems a little excessive to me, as I use categories for internal navigation and tags for indexing/SEO purposes, but to each their own – it certainly has a fan-base.)

Thankfully, a fine gentleman by the name of Andrew Grant has built a neat little plugin for WordPress that can parse keywords as entered in WLW and pass them into the Bunny’s… metadata field without any need for re-editing. In other words, develop a post completely offline, then one click to publish it with no need to log in for polishing, which is where almost all client-side blog apps have failed for me in the past. Fantastic stuff!

The plugin also has the ability to turn the tags into metadata keywords in post headers – I was using another plugin for this before, but it was so old that the homepage it was hosted on is no longer in existence, and it’s a relief to be using something a little more current.

So, what effect this will have on my blogging methods will remain to be seen, but I get the feeling it could streamline things considerably once I get used to it. Watch this space! Hmm, I wonder if WLW supports MySpace …

[Note for people who don’t give a monkeys about blogging software and so on – sorry! Back to science fictional geekery very shortly.]

2 thoughts on “This is a test of Windows Live Writer …”

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I don’t know if you’re aware, but if you’re using Keyword Tags and have set it up to be compatible with Bunny’s Tags (which I assume you have to be using it with WLW!) then you can also use Keyword Tags to display tags in both posts and feeds.

    You can do this automatically, or by calling kwt_print_keyword_string() from within your theme. The main benefit is you need one less plugin installed, but KWT is also more configurable and doesn’t require users to edit the plugin file.

  2. Cheers for dropping a note, Andrew! I had indeed noticed that function, and next time I start hacking around with my theme (which is well overdue, to be honest), I shall probably change over to doing just that. In the meantime, however, I figured I’d leave things well alone until I had the time …

    … thanks for the plugin!

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