Top 10 Technological Transformations of 2005

New Media Musings: Top 10 Tech Transformations of 2005:

1. The edges gain power. From the video and music worlds to politics and culture, power is increasingly flowing away from the media, from the political elites and from the corporate suits and into the hands of ordinary users who are collectively wielding more influence in all walks of life, mostly thanks to the Internet. The forces of freedom are steadily chipping away at the power of the forces of control. It’s pure beauty.

The big stories on the traditional media this year haven’t really painted a pretty picture of the world. Messy ‘wars’, government lies, natural disasters, you name it. And far be it from me to play down these misfortunes. But there have been good things happening too; the good stuff often goes unnoticed, because change is incremental – a little bit at a time. Here is one of those ‘Top 10’ lists that everyone does at this time of year, by the people at New Media Musings. It’s largely concerned with the changes in media culture that have occurred in the last twelve months, and as a futurist I find them heartening to contemplate. Let’s hope the trend continues and we see ourselves move inexorably toward a world where everyone has a voice, and the suits don’t hog the driving seat. Forward to the singularity!

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