Towards an oral pseudo-medieval society…thanks to the internet

Interesting snippet from Seems that a journalist (from the UKs own ‘News of the World’, no less) is concerned that the internet diet of audio and video snippets could annihilate all literary culture and produce a society that revolves around mythology and folkloric symbolism…

“I do fear a culture where we only hear things and we only see things and that it all sweeps past us a little too fast, and we can’t really tell after a while whether it was the politician who said that originally or if it was (British television comedian) Rory Bremner,” Marr said, according to the British media journal Press Gazette.

Marr said written forms of journalism can and should contain the facts, figures and exact quotes from newsmakers that the public needs to make informed decisions on world events.

It’s that last bit that I like best. This is a guy who works for the News of the World, for heaven’s sake. So I guess the internet is just finishing the job he and his ilk have spent the last few hundred years attempting to achieve?

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