Two super-short story competitions for flash fiction fiends

Just thought I’d share these with you good people – a couple of opportunities to make a splash with some flash, so to speak.


First off, PlotMedic Sarah Ellender clued me in to the Waterstones “What’s Your Story” competition, wherein you have to write a story of any kind that “fits on a postcard” – which, if you enter online, is conveniently defined as 600 words maximum.

The national winners get a free Arvon writing course, and the stories will be featured alongside the big-name writers in an anthology of similar works – which is a prize money can’t buy, AMIRITE? So, go flex your flash muscles. I can’t find a closing date, but best to assume it’s sooner rather than later.


So, 600 words is too long for you, eh? How about … 140 characters, no more, no less? That’s the challenge over at Copyblogger in their Twitter Writing Contest, in which you can win an iPod Nano. Not quite so prestigious a prize as the Waterstones gig, perhaps, and the deadline is this Friday … oh, and you need to have a Twitter account to post it, natch.

But y’know, exposure is exposure … and I’m betting they don’t get many sf entries. So go show the copywriters how the speculative crew mix it downtown, y’hear?

Have fun!

One thought on “Two super-short story competitions for flash fiction fiends”

  1. Nice post. The contest has really taken off! (I came here via your trackback on Copyblogger)

    By the way, I was getting fed up with trying to read all the entries flicking back and forth between CB and twitter, so I put together an aggregated list where all entries can be viewed in one place. If you want to check it out, head over to my blog, a quick explanation and links to two different views are there.

    Best of luck in the contest – the prizes up for grabs are pretty sweet!


    Daniel Smith
    Smithereens Blog

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