Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

WordPress 2.1 comes highly recommended by all accounts, so I’ve just spent a nail-biting, cigarette-punctuated hour and a half backing up databases, deleting the old install, rebooting plugins and reactivating themes …

… and it seems to have worked. If anyone notices anything awry, please let me know. Of course, most of you read by feed; if you’re reading this, the Feedburner plugin has worked correctly and I can cease worrying. The only problem I’m having so far seems to be a minor glitch with the rich text editor, but I can live with that for now; the codex hints that it may be a Firefox only issue.

If you’re running WordPress and need to upgrade, make sure you follow the instructions provided to the letter. For an open source project, the WP documentation is fantastic; clearly written and aimed at people who aren’t code monkeys. That having been said, if you’re not comfortable with FTP, database backups and so forth, make sure you get some smart and helpful soul who knows what they’re doing to help you through. Watch them doing it, too, and have them explain the process. These are useful skills to have.

I am now mentally exhausted … which means that trying to write more story isn’t an appealing thought. Nonetheless, see me gird my loins with self-discipline! 🙂

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