Use robots to fight the system

Robots are getting everywhere these days; hell, the government of South Korea reckon every household there will have one by the year 2020. But it’s not just helpful domestic tasks they are being created to accomplish – now lazy graffiti artists can use them to spray with an accuracy of line that a shaky human hand would find hard to achieve.

Hektor graffiti robot in action

Obviously not quite portable enough to tag up your local street corner with – trying to run from the police carrying a computer and a heavy briefcase might make Hektor an unrealistic proposition for the true urban artist. But imagine what could happen if they shrunk the kit down to an autonomous ‘bot that clings to the wall on its own, with no need for an external computer. You could be ‘getting up’ all over town, and still be sat at home chilling with your crew over beers and blunts. Word!

Link dubbed from hight3ch.

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