Valleyschwag on its way!

Cool stuff heading for the Hall of Mirrors! wh00t! Early this month I signed up for the Valleyschwag care package after seeing it plugged on BoingBoing. Basically, a bunch of Silicon Valley dudes round up promotional gubbins from all the hippest and funkiest startups in the area, divvy them up and mail them out to their subscribers.

It’s costing me about $15 monthly (which translates to about £11), and they guarantee at least one T-shirt per package. So that’s a pretty good bargain, as a decent logo T-shirt will sting you for about £15 here in the UK. And besides, I’m bored of wearing band logo shirts, I’ve been dressed in them almost exclusively since 1991 and feel it’s time for a change. Plus it’ll enhance my geek credentials, which is something any aspiring blogger needs to do, right?

The stuff was shipped on the 26th of May, and the US Postal Service reckons 4 to 7 days for delivery. I doubt this takes into account UK Customs and Excise, or the propensity of Royal Mail to generally take their bloody time over delivering anything that isn’t given to them by a direct-mail company that pays by-the-thousand-delivered – but we shall see.

Valleyschwag waiting to ship out

One thing is for certain; looking at that picture, the damn thing isn’t gonna fit in my postbox, so it’ll be a pickup from the Velcro City distribution depot for yours truly. Which will at least mean I get to show off my goodies to people at work (who will be more baffled than impressed, I expect). Obviously, a full inventory with pictures will be posted here for the enjoyment of VCTB regulars, who may be almost as unimpressed as my colleagues at work. Or so I guess – if they’d talk back to me, I’d know for sure (hint, hint)!

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