Valleyschwag Redux

The latest (very much delayed) Valleyschwag package turned up on Saturday. So what did I get this time?

The Schwag!

So…the inevitable stickers, a Webshots mousemat with a slot for putting photos into, a rather nice Videoegg T-shirt…and a pack of PerplexCity cards! The stickers have been added to ‘Fridge2.0’:


Slowly developing a little collection, there. The real winner for me was the PerplexCity packet. I’d read about them a few times before, and was quite interested in them, but financial issues meant that I didn’t get any. But now I get some for free:

Mmm, perplexing.

Now all I need is some spare time in which to try to solve them!

There’s been a lot of bad blood over the delays in Valleyschwag, with a lot of people vocally dropping out of the service. I can’t say I’m complaining – they’ve been pretty up-front about everything, and I still feel rhat I get a pretty good deal for my money. The delays and refundage didn’t frustrate me, either – it’s not as if my life was going to be marred by not receiving some promo guff a little later than expected. However, they are setting up a new payment system, which I get the impression is going to be credit-card based, so this may be my last package anyway – we’ll have to see. Either which way, I’m happy enough – I got myself some great gimmicky crapola for very little money, and that’s just fine by me – one can never have too many T-shirts advertising websites no one has ever heard of, after all! 😉

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