VCTB goes WordPress

Well, I was frankly sick to the back teeth of running through the Blogger API. It’s pretty good for a free service, but you get what you pay for. Moving off of Blogspot to a permanent host (complete with fancy domain name, natch) actually made things harder, any post data having to go through the Blogger systems before making it to Velcro-City itself. So I’ve bitten the bullet, scrambled the first few inches of the php learning curve – and now we’re rocking WordPress in all its open source glory.

I expect some teething problems as I get to grips with WordPress and the complex chicanery of managing one’s own domain at a distance. For example, the WordPress codex tells me I need to make my .htaccess file writable. This would be much easier to do if I could only find the damn thing. Luckily VCTB is being hosted by a top bloke who has already been masses of help to a total n00b; cheers James, you’re a geezer.

But now I’ve got WordPress up and running, all the hassle and strife of the last three days seems fully justified. This is good software, with lots of features and plugins. Expect the look of VCTB to mutate considerably over the next few months, and expect added functionality as well. More news as we have it.

One thought on “VCTB goes WordPress”

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