VCTB now running out RSS through Feedburner

I was getting paranoid…does anyone read this damn site? My web stats were showing a fair few hits on the feed file, but I had no real way of working out how many of these were actually subscriptions to the content, as opposed to search engine crawlers or whatever. So I’m now publishing my feeds through Feedburner, which means I can get some idea of how many folk are actually checking VCTB regularly without actually hitting the pages. Good enough for BoingBoing, good enough for me.

No need to change addresses or bookmarks, though; a neat WordPress plugin (as always) has taken care of all the redirection malarkey for me. Bonus!

One thought on “VCTB now running out RSS through Feedburner”

  1. Finally dragged my carcass to this blog, after finding the link on the old one. Updated the link on my own blog, or will in a minute 😉

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