VCTB Rides Again


Yes, we’re back in business. After some technical difficulties over the last week and a bit, VCTB is back online again. Still a few things to iron out…ftp problems are persisting, so can’t reinstall all my plugins yet (no technorati tags, dammit) or alter my template (no site counter, dammit), but hey, I can’t complain – I got all my data back after a very nasty incident with the hardware of my generous and friendly host at TotalCarnage. Plus we’re now running on 8meg of fixed-IP Pipex goodness. Live is funky. Normal service will be resumed imminently. Stay tuned.

And watch out for the ‘daily links dump posts’, like the one before this; that’ll show you a list of stuff I thought worth taking a look at while nosing around the interwebs, and save me time to rant on about one or two items in more detail. I’m good to you people, aren’t I?

All ten of you… 😉

(edit 27/04/06: tags now working again, site meter running, technorati embed returned! still no ftp, but I have a very accomodating host. Cheers, Asgrim!)

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