Visit Second Life, write story, win money

Here it is, fellow writers – a decent excuse to make that first visit to Second Life that you keep putting off.

The Future Fire, a UK-based speculative fiction e-zine, has just announced a short fiction competition in its latest issue. Says editor Djibril:

"… in this issue, we launch the The Future Fire / Black Swan writing competition with a first prize of $500.

"There’s a small technical barrier to entry, but no cost involved: the contest requires you to register and enter the Second Life virtual world and visit the Black Swan sim, which is a spooky, atmospheric island with a raised pathway, sculptures, events, and inhabitants.

"Visit for as long and as often as you like, and then write a story of up to 2,000 words inspired by your experience and submit it to The Future Fire by midnight on December 10th 2007."

Full details (and the SLURL for The Black Swan) can be found on The Future Fire’s website.

$500? A published short story? Can’t argue with that, can you? It may be time for me to write my first ever story intended for anywhere other than here …

Oh, and if you’re thinking you might make a visit to Second Life, drop me a line – I’d be glad to show you the ropes (and some of the cooler neighbourhoods).

Cheers to Ariel, the all-hearing-news-conduit of UK SF Book News Network, for the heads-up.

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2 thoughts on “Visit Second Life, write story, win money”

  1. Thanks for helping to pass this on, Paul. I’m noticing that there are many writers and writers’ groups in Second Life that have become aware of this competition and are sending traffic the way of Black Swan. I wonder what the proportion of entries will be of people discovering SL via an SF contest to people discovering TFF through a sim in SL…?

    Cheers, anyway. Djibril

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