Warren Ellis’s Suicide Sundays

This just in – Warren Ellis, comics supremo, science fiction author, and roving gonzo journalist of the metaverse, is about to start writing a weekly column for the Suicide Girls website. Which is another reason for me to curse the fact that they don’t take debit cards or PayPal …

… er, the first reason being, ah, research. Yes, research … into, um, subcultures and social networking. Yes, that was it. Ahem. Carry on.

6 thoughts on “Warren Ellis’s Suicide Sundays”

  1. Paul… Shame SG is such an evil beast. I’m not much of a feminist but as a photographer I feel we should all be able to own our assets and the things that can make us money. SG takes those things away from the girls that model for them, and although it is their choice to do so I’m not sure how many of the girls actually understand the ramifications of that choice.

    Check out a few excerpts from their model release / contract:


  2. I was going to make some joke about how obviously it was Ellis’ editorial that was going to make Paul subscribe to SG but now it turns out that SG is actually evil.

    Good job I only subscribe to terrifiedcoeweringnakedeasteuropeanchicks.com

  3. Well, damn my eyes for not looking past the window dressing. How much of a fool do I feel now? That said, there may be a good article to be had here … or does that make me just as exploitative in a different way?

    I hate being male sometimes.

  4. I think the people who are being exploited by SG and the people trying to open their eyes to it would appreciate a well written informative article. Its getting lots of press in the states, mainly in cities were some of the high profile SGs are, and there are articles popping up on the internet but one more can never hurt. Maybe a UK angle?

    I vaguely know one of the UK SGs and I’m tempted to try and find out what she thinks about it all but I don’t know if i know her well enough.

  5. was a member for a while but ever since i moved to the middleeast I can’t use a credit card to subscribe or I’ll be charged with smuggling illegal substances or the like ….. fucking insane ….

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