Welcome, Futurismic readers!

Hello there! I’m hoping that the inclusion of a link to VCTB on the front page of Futurismic is going to bring me a bit of click-through…this week’s site stats should tell me if that’s the case or not. I hope you find VCTB interesting enough to pop back from time to time, and if you’d like to link to it I’ll express my gratitude in the traditional way by linking back to your own site. Even if you just pop in once in a while, I’ll be a happy man. It’s hard to justify continually updating a blog that no-one reads – so hopefully increased traffic will encourage me to keep up to date…I shall endeavour to make at least one post per day from now on, circumstance permitting. Enjoy yourselves!

Oh, and if you *didn’t* come here from Futurismic, you should definately go take a look. I blog there too, with somewhat greater regularity and brevity than I do here, and they also keep a great line in online SF short stories and columns of varying subjects. What are you waiting for?


(But do come back here afterwards, won’t you?) 😉

One thought on “Welcome, Futurismic readers!”

  1. futurewotsit site is either down or doesn’t work with Firefox.

    I found, back in the days when I wanted people to read my crap, that the best ways of increasing traffic back to your blog were twofold. Firstly, spend some time on the blog searches and find similar blogs, hang around in the comments and then link each other and secondly, to keep posting. Every time you post it pings blogger so that you will appear on the “next blog” selection – which gets loads of hits.

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