We’ve made the maps. Now it’s time to colonise.

The time is ripe to move off-planet. According to senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, the colonisation of space is inevitable in the near future. Drawing an analogy to the explorers who discovered the New World of the Americas, he reckons that the pattern will stay true – once the explorers have satisfactory maps of the new territories, the powers behind them will push to expand into the new available land. Or in this case, space.

As our technologies have improved, our knowledge of our solar system has improved dramatically. We know have detailed information about the composition of most of the bodies and planets in it; we have detailed maps of some of the nearer ones (Mars, and soon Venus too); we understand where we need to go to find the resources we need, and we have ways of being able to get there.

A group called the ‘Space World Foundation’ is setting up an educational centre at the NASA Ames site, with the aim of promoting these goals and enthusing people with the prospect of exploring and colonising the deep black yonder.

Link emigrated from KurzweilAI.net.

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