What are you reading?

Yesterday’s Penny Arcade strip struck a chime with me that will probably feel familiar to a great many bookworms, science fiction or otherwise – click on through for the the oh-so-familiar denouement:

Penny Arcade webcomic

[Image © 1998-2007 Penny Arcade, Inc.; used without permission, will remove upon request.]

Continuing in a science fictional vein, Warren Ellis has found a (NSFW) T-shirt that I desperately want. As always with stuff I really want to buy on the internet, Cafepress only accepts credit cards, not debit cards or Paypal. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! Still, at least any kind VCTB reader with more money than sense now knows a way to be in my debt for life …

And as a random aside, thanks to Kathryn Cramer, I am now aware that the most coherent anagrams of my given name are PURE NAVAL and ANAL REV UP. How much richer my life is from gaining this knowledge remains yet to be discerned.


Oh, and story news, for them what was wondering; well, I didn’t get much in the way of structured narrative written at all over the weekend, thanks to a lot of peripheral tasks materialising out of the blue, but I did a fair amount of brainstorming which has resulted in a clearer route forward for me to work on. I also learned some things about basic bookkeeping, and did a lot of faffing about with manila envelopes full of old receipts. Real rock-and-roll stuff.

Gabe ‘a novel in a weekend, piece of cake’ Chouinard wasn’t quite as successful as he had hoped at imitating the prodigious word-rate of Moorcock in his prime, but I’d suggest that has something to do with the fact that Moorcock may well have had, er, ‘performance enhancement substances’ to hand that would have enabled him to type furiously for three days at a stretch. Maybe Gabe has them, too, but I suspect not. Even so, over 19k in three days is pretty bloody impressive from where I’m sitting. It might be interesting to see how it actually reads …

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  1. Hey there, just found your comment linked on the Ellis page – I made those shirts so if you wanna PayPal me at the above email ($25 to include shipping) I’ll send you one. That’d be good too cause then I can see what the damn things look like in person (I just put them up yesterday).

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