Wherever I lay my Cat5 is my home

A little update on my residential situation, for them what’s interested.

The good news: I have a new flat in the centre (and I do mean right in the centre) of Stockport, and my moving-in date is tomorrow… so St George’s day for me will involve furniture, vans and lifting heavy things up a few flights of stairs (there are upsides and downsides to getting the top floor, y’see). If you’ve a need for my new mailing address, please drop me a line by whatever channels you usually use.

The bad news: after getting in touch with Virgin earlier in the week, they determined that there is cable availability in the area I’m moving into. “Great,” thought I, and awaited further word from a ‘spotter’, whose job it is to go out and scout the location in order to assess and book the installation process. Now, said spotter discovered that Stockport Council have recently paved over the Virgin cable duct access thingybobs in the street, and there’s a long-standing agreement that Virgin won’t dig through paving that’s been laid in the last year. No cable connection for me, then. *facepalm*

The very helpful spotter chap suggested Virgin’s ADSL service instead: so long as there’s a BT line running into the property, then Bob’s your mother’s brother, so to speak. A quick call to BT reveals (of course!) that my new flat has never had a BT line, and I’ll have to get one installed from scratch… so I might as well suck it up and get broadband from them directly, if only so as to not pay the initial connection fee of something close to £150 (yes, really).

“OK, let’s book that in,” I told the little chap from BT in resigned tones. The earliest they can do the install? Tuesday 4th May, a week and a half after I actually move into the damned place. Due to the nature of my work (in a nutshell: if I can’t get online, I can’t work), that means I can’t actually inhabit my new home until the turn of the month, so my long-suffering mother will have to put up with me raiding her pantry and rinsing her internet connection for another week.

Selah. This is, I realise, a fairly whingy post… but given my current inability to go to a pub with a friend and rant over a few beers, well, it has to come out somewhere. In the grand scheme of things, it could be a lot worse – this whole situation has definitely qualified as a textbook case of #firstworldproblems – but I’m now at a point where I just want this frustrating limbo period to be over, so I can start getting my life back into something resembling proper order. To find that date rolled back by another week and a bit is very frustrating…

… but hey, at least I have a definite date. I’ll take a frustrating actuality over a frustrating uncertainty any day of the year.

5 thoughts on “Wherever I lay my Cat5 is my home”

  1. No, for two reasons: a) I don’t currently have a laptop, and b) they’re renowned for being slow, expensive, usage-capped and nigh-impossible to use with Linux.

  2. Stockport!

    I have many happy memories of Stockport. My Grandma and three of her brothers had stalls in the indoor market for over forty years. I spent most of my summers with my Grandma. I learned to do mental arithmatic helping her on the stall.

  3. Not that this is comforting, but you’re not alone. Working from home + needing an internet connection = headaches when moving house. When we moved last year, I booked it all perfectly. The engineer was to come out on the day we moved to install everything, then pootle off to the exchange to do his thing there. Did it happen?! In a word, no it bloody didn’t. Seems to be an industry-wide pact that if you’re moving house, your internet service /will/ be disrupted.

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