Who *really* failed here?

I’m not an economics buff, but there’s something a little odd here as far as I’m concerned. Story of the week seems to be Google’s ‘lower than predicted by people rolling dice in the dark on Wall Street’ profit figures. Techdirt shares the same view I have taken on this one, namely that the failure is on the part of Wall Street, and not Google, who have posted what are quite obviously astronomical profit figures. They’re just not as big as some investment experts had thought – a faint taste of sour grapes, perhaps?

At this point I’d like to say I’m no slavering Google fan-boy (although I do believe they have the Zeitgeist business model at the moment, for what little my opinions on business models are worth). I posted this because I hate to see the money-men get the knives out when something doesn’t quite go their way. I’m holding back from a fixed stance on the China-censorship issue until I’ve got hold of more spin-free info, as well.

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