Why hippos windmill their tails

So, I was at Orbital 2008 all this weekend, over which I managed to have lots of fun and hang out with lots of cool people.

However, most other people will probably remember my presence best for moderating the soon-to-be-infamous “Sex and the Singularity” panel at midday today, which ended up being as degenerate as you might have imagined. Here’s me sat next to Charlie Stross in full pontificatory flow:

Charlie Stross on Singularity

[Image by mesmerising.]

Charlie is doubtless explaining a tangential point regarding a certain hippo parasite which you will remember if you were present. If you weren’t there, trust me – you don’t want to hear it.

I may possibly talk more about Eastercon when I am less exhausted. Suffice to say I had a great time. Fandom FTW.

3 thoughts on “Why hippos windmill their tails”

  1. And here, not knowing what happened can only make the imagined course of events that much more (lewd, amusing, whatever) than the real thing.

    It was good to finally meet you in person, and thanks for your contributory role in a brilliant weekend.

  2. I wish to be associated with the remarks of the last speaker, with the addition of the word “again” after the first clause.

  3. You are both too kind to a scruffy mountebank such as myself, but I thank you profusely nonetheless; it is the company of fine people that brings out the best in me, such as it is. 🙂

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