Why science fiction cinema sucks in 2007

Here’s the opening panel of the latest edition of Diesel Sweeties, a webcomic that all geeks should read – and I work on the assumption that 90% of readers of VCTB are that sort of geek*.

So click through for the punchline (which is even more VCTB appropriate):

Diesel Sweeties webcomic for 18 December 2007

An extra ten geek points for recognising the cultural reference in my post title, there. Answers in the comments!

[* That’s meant as a compliment, BTW. 🙂 ]

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6 thoughts on “Why science fiction cinema sucks in 2007”

  1. There’s an RSS for DS on the site itself, but I like to send the traffic out when I can.

    RE: your answer – no, my title, not the DS one – which I suspect you have identified correctly as part of a reference mash-up.

    If nothing else, Sterling, I know that you’re one of my readers who isn’t ashamed of being a geek OR a Pink Floyd fan! 😀

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