Writing the rage – Erik Davis on windchimes

For my money, the sign of a really good writer is that they can write about absolutely anything, yet still retain a clarity and poetry of voice – not to mention keeping you entertained enough to read on.

Which is why I was incredibly impressed by this high-precision rant from Erik Davis (who wrote a popular science book that I’d recommend to anyone, Techgnosis), in which he bemoans windchimes:

“I love wind, the gusts that make moaning music from the pines in the mountains, or the zephyrs that blow in from the Pacific over my toy city, thrusting fog and briny mists eastward towards the bay, and tunneling up my street on their climb toward Twin Peaks. I am also down with the music of metal, the resilient blast of archangelic trumps and gluttonous tubas, not to mention the shimmering arpeggios of vibes and hammered dulcimers and the clarion call of the carillon. And I am fascinated by randomness and chance, from I Ching coin tosses to the Situationist derive to the music or paramusic of John Cage. And I love, very much, every single song that Brian Wilson wrote for Smile. All this is true, and yet the fact remains:

I f*cking hate wind chimes.”

Seriously, go read the whole thing. That, to me, is great writing. If I’m wrong, then may I never become a successful writer. Selah.

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