Yet more sneaky Sony nastiness

DRM Crippled CD: A bizarre tale in 4 parts:

As odd as the story is so far, its about to get a whole lot weirder: It turns out that all Engadget (quoting Variety) notes that this DRM is not at all about making the CD immune to piracy. Instead, its part of a pissing contest between Sony and Apple: Variety writes that ‘the new copy protection scheme which makes it difficult to rip CDs and listen to them with an iPod is designed to put pressure on Apple to open the iPod to other music services, rather than making it dependent on the iTunes Music Store for downloads.’
You mean to tell me that this isn’t even about P2P and unauthorized downloading? How annoying is that? Sony has their panties in a bunch cause Apple has been kicking their arses all over the innovation and digital music schoolyard? So the mature response from a major global conmsumer electronics corporation is to take their ball and go home?

Oh, you wouldn’t believe it would you? Seems Sony are more than a little pissed at the iPod’s success, and have elected to make it impossible for you to play their music on an MP3 player that isn’t made by them. Talk about underhand tactics…if you care at all about music, you need to be following these stories closely, because the future of music as a mediated artform is starting to be fought over by the big companies. And when the big companies start fighting, *everyone* loses out except them. And they wonder why people prefer to download illegally?

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