ZOMFG! Dead daleks!

When I went up to the Arts Centre above the library where I work to attend a poetry workshop, I was completely unprepared to see *this* in a side room…

Davros wept!

A panoply of disembowelled daleks, no less!

The horror!

As you might have guessed, there’s a Dr. Who stage-play going on sometime in the next week. Not having been aware of that before this pile of props caught my eye, it was a serious dose of cognitive dissonance for yours truly. My first thought?

“How the f*ck did they get up the bloody stairs?”

Ah, childhood fears. They never really vanish, do they?

There is a reason for this bizarre (yet serendipitous) post: when this goes live, I’ll be up in London for my first attendance at a BSFA monthly meeting, which is being held in some not-too-pricey pub in Belgravia. So probably no VCTB link action tomorrow morning (unless the trains get back sooner than I think they do), but I’ll redeem myself with a full report of the meeting sometime after I get up on Thursday (which is my day off, thankfully).

(Were there enough brackets in that last paragraph?)

So, enjoy your daleks, and enjoy your Wednesday evening – I know I plan to enjoy mine. Adios!

6 thoughts on “ZOMFG! Dead daleks!”

  1. I typed in ZOMFG into google and got this as well.

    Strange, because I happen to be a large fan of Doctor Who and the Daleks. Nice pictures 😀

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