Velcro City Tourist Board is the personal blog of one Paul Graham Raven, wherein are contained his ramblings about science fiction, music, and the stuff that happens to him.

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Paul Graham Raven is a freelance writer, and has recently placed articles with New Scientist, Wired UK and ARC. He’s also a research assistant in the future of infrastructure with the University of Sheffield’s Pennine Water Group, and an occasional foresight consultant specialising in systemic thinking around network culture and its second- and third-order societal effects. (In other words, he worries about the future for a living.)

In times past, Paul has worked a variety of jobs ranging from assembly-line monkey and cloakroom attendant to club promoter, freelance web developer and library assistant, having worked for Portsmouth City Library Service and the Royal Naval Museum. A lot of his usual extracurricular written output is currently on hiatus while he finishes a Masters degree in creative writing at Middlesex University, but you’re more than welcome to go poke through the archives:

  • Paul is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of science fiction webzine Futurismic – which, in addition to an original near-future science fiction story every month, publishes non-fiction essays and blog posts on topics science-fictional and, well, futurismic. Constraints of time and money mean that the fiction section of the site is in hibernation, but there are plans to revive it when circumstance allows.
  • Paul is Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and main (i.e. “pretty much the only”) staff writer for rock and metal music reviews webzine The Dreaded Press. TDP is also all but mothballed due to lack of time, but there’s nearly four years worth of writing about noisy guitar-based music on there, should you fancy browsing through.

Paul also reviews science fiction books for the following venues:

Paul has been a regular music reviewer for the following venues:

Paul was Reviews Editor of Interzone, the UK’s longest-running original science fiction magazine, from 2007 to 2008, and still reviews for them from time to time.

Paul also writes poetry (and placed a piece in Spinnaker Press‘ anthology This Island City in late 2010), and short fiction (first sale to Fables From The Fountain, published by NewCon Press).

He welcomes feedback on VCTB from regular readers, and would be glad to feature guest posts from interested (or indeed interesting) people. If you want to get in touch, please do so via the form on the VCTB Contact page.

[Paul is fully aware of the unfortunate Gary Glitter connection that his name possesses (although his mother swears she never knew), but he consoles himself with the fact that it was also the name of the (late and much missed) bass player from Killing Joke/Prong/Ministry.]

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