Velcro City Tourist Board is the personal blog of one Paul Graham Raven, writer, researcher, theorist and foresight practitioner. This blog has filled a variety of functions over the years, and more recently settled into a role best thought of as a sort of public-access commonplace book or zibaldone.

(Or, more simply: this is where I write mostly to myself, but also to an imagined audience which is the ghost of the mutual readership we used to have in the golden era of blogging back in the Noughties. So I’m writing for an audience, but not to please anyone, if that makes any sense? But if it doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t matter… and that’s kinda the point.)

For all the more formal stuff about his work — whether academic, literary or otherwise — please do go and poke around his canonical website, where you’ll find an academic CV, lists of publications and so forth. You can also check out Magrathea Unlimited, which is the storefront for his freelance operations.