Category: Sociology

  • at the crest of the curve

    Because we’ve been successfully convinced that we have to wait for professionals to provide us with The New Future, rather than making our own, we’re stuck in something like an endless generative loop based on A Weekend at Bernie’s.

  • unable to receive, contribute toward, and pass along the collective treasures

    … the underlying argument shines through from the very first pages, and glows up in particular in the occasional lengthy and lyrical passages where [Lewis] Hyde clearly just leaned into the vibe of the whole thing.

  • mister gotcha trend-lord douchebag

    Trends Discourse is a genre unto itself, I have discovered lately, as I try to sustain some sort of engagement with what is arguably an adjacent profession to my own. But the self-satisfaction of its leading pundits, and the lack of reflexivity thereby implied, can make for some serious eyeroll material. Exhibit A is this…

  • like a shadow anticipating its own body

    From the opening chapter of Wild Thought, being a fresh translation of the book by Levi-Strauss which was first translated as The Savage Mind: We should not, for all this, fall back on the vulgar thesis (which is however, admissible in the narrow perspective in which it is situated) that magic is a timorous and…

  • Au ‘voir, Oncle Bruno

    Very sad to hear about Bruno Latour’s passing on Sunday—though perhaps not exactly surprised, as I was aware he’d been wrestling with some form of cancer for a while. I’m not a good enough philosopher or theorist to talk eloquently of his position in and influence upon various fields of knowledge, except to note that…