Category: Weak Signals

  • paradigms don’t die easy (but they die all the same)

    There’s a fin-de-si├Ęcle feel to things at the moment, which manifests (for me at least) as a sort of oscillation between deep ennui and the feeling one gets just before dawn at the summer solstice.

  • preludes to enantiodromia

    I’m seeing enough of them, now, and discussing the concept with enough people online and off, that I think it’s time to start clipping examples of people pointing at harbingers of enantiodromia—the sudden inversion of a paradigm into its complete opposite. Here’s yer man Dougald Hine—a far better-known and more widely read Brit-who-fled-to-Sweden—in a longer…

  • #weaksignals: Panama lock-out, Lithium as the new oil, Nvidia’s gold-rush shovel-store

    We’re in a weird phase at the moment, where things simultaneously seem to be moving very fast and not changing at all. So I figure it’s high time I screwed on my Grown-up Foresight Practitioner hat and started a more public practice of looking at (and interpreting) potential weak signals. First up, drought in Central…