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Gave my worldbuilding talk on the south campus of Copenhagen University yesterday afternoon, and I don’t mind saying that it went really well. Having a a great audience really helps:

But also sometimes the planets are aligned correctly, the magic is in the room, and the thing just flows through you. Artists of many sorts talk of becoming a conduit for something that is greater than or somehow beyond or external to them, and while that would be a very hard thing to explore in empirical terms, it can definitely feel like that when I do a presentation that goes well. The video should emerge in the not-too-distant future, so you’ll get to judge for yourselves, should that be a thing you’d like to do.

(Any errors of fact and opinion are, of course, entirely my own lookout, and not to be blamed on daemons or divinities of any kind.)

I got home about an hour ago from the launch of the latest Media Evolution foresight cycle publication, which was the last major event of what has been a very busy week, and indeed a very busy month.

Furthermore, much of the hour I’ve been home has been spent trying to deal with the difficulties a client from overseas is having with trying to pay one of my invoices—a salutary reminder that, even when things are going well, the countless mechanical frictions of the supposedly seamless and electronically-perfected world in which we live can still find ways to trip you up.

(It probably doesn’t help that I’m still pretty tired from yesterday: an hour-long talk, an hour of Q&A—with some really searching and meaty questions, I might add—and then an hour of chatting at the reception afterward means that I basically bankrupted my extroversion account, and I wasn’t really ready for more people-time this morning, TBH.)

So I’m taking the privilege which it’s widely assumed we freelance folk take every week: I’m drawing a line right here and now, and concluding business until Monday comes.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, have yourself a good weekend.



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