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Friday Photo Blogging: right side of the tracks

How long’s it been since I did an FPB? Long enough that I know looking up the precise date isn’t worth doing, really, and I doubt it’ll ever go weekly again… but hey, never say never, right? Anyways, here’s Hilsea station at midnight or so, which is what I see while waiting for my train home after a late shift at my place of summer employment.

Right side of the tracks

What else have I been up to? I’ve been up to ALL THE STUFF, most notably the 2011 SFF Masterclass, which – as always – was a weekend of pure high-grade literary brain-crack. I also got accepted onto the Masters degree in creative writing that I mentioned back in February, which I’m really looking forward to doing come October, around which time – all going well – I should have an interesting and stable new employment opportunity which will leave me enough time to study and write as well as leaving me enough money to pay the rent, buy food, all that jazz.

So, yeah, we’re in a far better place than we were last year, aren’t we? Mmm-hmm. Onwards, upwards, etcetera.

As far as residence is concerned, I’m still in the bay-windowed front room of a shared house in Southsea, which is suitably cheap for the summer’s scant income levels, but a bit tiny by comparison to my former domicile, a spacious if poorly-located Stockport garret. Half of my library (mostly the non-fic and special editions) is still at my mother’s place in deepest darkest East Yorkshire, but the other half is now out of the garage and back on the shelves in the middle room, which is a great relief; having all your books in boxes is a pretty similar sensation to being without a decent broadband connection, or at least it is for me.

But hey, the damn things just keep coming, thanks at least in part to Albert Road’s gaggle of second-hand book shops, but also to assorted publicists and publishers, and – most pleasurable of all – the arrival of my first ever contributor copies – Fables from the Fountain, remember? Course you do; they’re near the top right of this lot, which have gathered over the last couple of months:

Incoming reading, part 1

That Masters course means I have reading lists to work on, of course, and this week has seen the first acquisitions of such, along with a few other goodies:

Incoming reading, part 2

I’m too lazy to list and link ’em all, I’m afraid, though even if I don’t revive FPB I intend to document new acquisitions on a more regular basis, if only so I can keep track of the damned things!

And I need to start posting reading notes here instead of letting them moulder in notebooks, too. Thinking up and writing down my “review” of The Universe Of Things, the latest Gwyneth Jones collection from Aqueduct (which I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest is more of a critique or analysis, especially given its 3,200 word length) took up an unprecedented amount of cognitive focus, and it’ll be nice to start attacking these piles with vigour… though I should really prioritise on reading Embassytown, as I’m writing a review of that as well. Worse problems to have, eh? 🙂

Right, anyway, enough of this – there’s stuff to be doing before the day is done. And then there’ll be the “go out, or stay in and try out that EVE trial account?” dilemma… oh Friday, how you embarrass us with your riches!

Have a good weekend yourselves, OK? Later.