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  • screech all you like, you will never fly

    Clearly this place is turning into some sort of all-Sam-Kriss-all-the-time Tumblr rip-off, but what the heck—I’ve got two full days of workshops to be in, so quickie reblog content is all there’s time for. But when that content is perhaps the most concisely perspicacious summary of the two different ways to read Nietzsche, surely we…

  • the space necessary for thinking is lost

    I’ve been saying for a long time that the “filter bubble” thesis is precisely wrong.

  • might be an ancient pagan remnant

    If we accept that science (very broadly conceived) is a paradigm of meaning-making that succeeded a collection a mythic and folkloric forms, then it seems reasonable to imagine that what we might think of as the geological formation of culture precedes in much the same way in either paradigm.

  • merely directions which allow the chauffeur to park the limousine

    I had to cycle to Rosengård this morning to get some olive oil—what can I say; it’s a Malmö thing, y’all—and so I took it as an opportunity to make a tiny dent in the podcast backlog. My selection, perhaps unwisely for a Monday morning, was a recording of Ash Sarkar interviewing Slavoj Žižek on…

  • bear discovers fire: on the erroneous over-estimation of generative systems

    bear discovers fire: on the erroneous over-estimation of generative systems

    Oh god, OK—yes, I’m sorry, more “#AI” discourse, and believe me, no one finds my repeated returns to the topic more wearing and ironic than I do, but we are living in A Moment, and I have been wrestling with that moment on the personal and artistic front, but I have also been looking at…