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  • 31MAY24 / visual journalling

    I’ve been feeling that I am very fortunate to be paid to do interesting things with words. But I am also feeling that I don’t want to find myself totally burned out on words because I haven’t done anything else.

  • 30MAY24 / Tramps!

    30MAY24 / Tramps!

    As a Nineties kid, I came up knowing (and hating) the 1980s for being a period of superficiality, of “style” and the artifice of appearances, and it’s interesting to hear these pioneers concede those diagnoses, and discuss them in terms of their inheritance of scenes previous.

  • begin to remake who we are and how we live

    On the one hand, [Buckminster] Fuller’s philosophy of change seems too hopeful now; it’s fair to wonder whether we have time for it.

  • merciful release: navel-gaze blogday blahblahblah

    merciful release: navel-gaze blogday blahblahblah

    Happy blogday to me! I have owned and written stuff on this domain since 14th March 2006. Eighteen years! It seems quite astonishing to me, that stretch of time. This will come as not surprise to regular readers, of course, who will be accustomed to me writing “it feels like an eternity, and yet like…

  • the parts of the shadows that didn’t exactly reflect the numbers became problems

    Many people loved the installment of Dorothy Gambrell’s Cat & Girl webcomic in which Gambrell confronted her feelings about being one of a few thousand early webcomics people listed as having had their work used as training material for generative models. I loved it too. I haven’t been following C&G since the start, but for…