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Book Review: Chris Beckett – The Holy Machine

The Holy Machine

The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett, UK PBK, Wildside Press; ISBN 1592242103

(This review may be considered to contain spoilers.)

The city of Illyria is the last bastion of scientific reason on Earth. After the world was swept up in “the Reaction”, a global religious uprising against science and all its works, the rationalists and techno-corporations that survived retreated to an enclave in the Balkans, and there built Illyria as their ivory tower and final bastion. George Simling works as a translator. He is a second generation Illyrian, born to Ruth, a woman who narrowly escaped the religionist pogroms in the US and has been psychologically scarred by her experiences. She spends most of her time in Senspace, which is a panoply of full-immersion virtual realities. Continue reading Book Review: Chris Beckett – The Holy Machine