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Pining for link-dumps?

Yeah, so am I. The recent changes from del.icio.us to delicious.com seem to have caused some issues with the daily link post functionality… which in the grand tradition of Web2.0 has been tagged as “experimental”* since long before I started using it, making it a convenient fall-back for staff on the support forums.

That said, they’re currently dealing with a blizzard of people to whom change is anathema, and for whom the thought of (gasp!) adjusting to the new UI over the course of a few days is simply intolerable, so I can understand them prioritising…

Anyway, suffice to say I’m doing all I can to get the link-dumps working again, and I expect I’m even more keen to see them return than any of you are.

[ * – A Beta by any other name would surely crash as much… ]

Hey – where’s the damned links?

rusty bike chain links In case you’re wondering where the daily link dumps have gone … well, I’m wondering too.

Reports from the blogosphere suggest I am not the only person experiencing this absence, so we can assume it’s a serverside issue with del.icio.us – in other words, not something I have any control or influence over.

However, as an attempt at mollification (and a potential way of losing two thirds of VCTB’s subscribers) I’ll point out that you can browse my entire archive of del.icio.us bookmarks, and the local RSS feed for said archive should still work independently as well.

I expect normal service will be resumed sooner rather than later, though. [image by Elsie Esq.]

Daily links problem

Hey there, link-fans.

It looks like del.icio.us is having some issues this evening, namely telling me that I’m trying to hit its servers too often – which makes no sense, because I’ve tried five times in the last hour, and those are the first five times in the last 24 hours. The end result of this fact is that I can’t actually submit any bookmarks this evening, let alone hope they’ll get dumped here later, so we can only hope that I’ll be able to do some sort of marathon upload tomorrow (because I have spare time coming out of my arse, you know). Continue reading Daily links problem

Apology for link-fans

Just a quick note to the people who visit here primarily for the daily link action (which is most of you, as far as I can tell) – I’d like to apologise for the absence of a link-dump for Thursday 12th October. I went and checked my del.icio.us account, and according to the logs their server couldn’t raise the VCTB server at the relevent time. Since the system only makes one attempt, that means no dump, so sorry for that – hopefully all should be well in future. Bear in mind you can always click through to my del.icio.us account from the little link in the sidebar, and that you can subscribe to it as an RSS feed in its own right …

… b*gger, there goes two-thirds of my subscription base! 😉