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The future of marketing

If the core mode of science fiction is extrapolating current ideas into an imagined future, then quite a few people can be said to be doing it in one form or another:

Penny Arcade webcomic

Image © 1998-2006 Penny Arcade, Inc.

Nice subtle bit of humour from the Penny Arcade boys, there. Click through for the full-size version, and have a read around while you’re there. If you or any of your mates are serious gamer/obsessive types, you can’t fail to find a good laugh.

I’m being decidely un-writerly this evening and going out for beer and loud music. Yeah, so call my lawyer … 🙂

Coded commentary: science fiction and contemporary politics

Science fiction is often described as being ‘proleptic’ – as a vehicle for prediction of the future, if not reflection of the present, and a lot of debate has been kicking around the blogosphere concerning that definition. Continue reading Coded commentary: science fiction and contemporary politics

Product placement

As the DRM wars heat up, and the rise of peer-to-peer sharing shows little sign of stopping (despite ineffective and draconian litigation against children and people who don’t even own computers), the smarter computer games companies are looking at new ways to monetise their products. Continue reading Product placement