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I do have a sense of humour, you know

As others see us … er, me

These days, you know you’ve made it in the sf blogosphere when you get lampooned by Steve Wilson at ‘My Elves are Different’. It would appear that my moment has arrived.

However, lest you fear the balloon of my ego swelling from such attention, Shaun at Neverscapes wields the sharp pin of justice by mentioning a quote from one of my lager-fueled rants at Eastercon. I’d totally forgotten saying that. I wish that I hadn’t been reminded of it either. *sigh*

What to put in your genre novel plot

As a writer of minimal craft and even less native talent, I often wonder what the components of a good story are – and, of course, what the components of a marketable story are. Thanks to Andrew Wheeler, I now know what to put into my first novel-length effort:

“If there’s a book out there that can be honestly sold by a cover of a mostly-naked woman riding a dragon while a spaceship explodes in the background, I’d love to see it. (I bet I could sell a whole lot of them.)”

[Yes, I know, it’s just a bit of humour.]