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Magazine Review: Interzone #209 (Silver Anniversary Issue)

Interzone celebrates twenty five years of continuous publication with this, its two hundred and ninth issue. The fiction offering is supplied by a mix of old hands who owe a part of their current standing to the magazine (most notably M. John Harrison, whose work appeared in the first ever issue) and some new hot properties. Continue reading Magazine Review: Interzone #209 (Silver Anniversary Issue)

Magazine Review: Hub, Issue #2 (Winter 2007)

The second issue of Hub Magazine shows a marked improvement from the first, in terms of presentation – they’ve reigned in the images embedded in stories, which has made things a lot more readable. Some of the background images still make the text hard to follow, but there’s always a balance of compromise between impact and readability. What is plain is that they’re listening to their readers, which bodes well for the future. Continue reading Magazine Review: Hub, Issue #2 (Winter 2007)

Magazine Review: Interzone #208

Before I get into looking at the fiction selection in the latest Interzone, I just want to mention the presentation and design. In fact, I just want to mention that I think they’ve got it nailed. The recent change in paper stock and binding enhanced the readability hugely, as has the move to having all the text as black print on white background – having great fiction is only of use if people can actually enjoy the reading of it. Furthermore, the artwork in the current issue is probably the best I’ve seen so far. The cover image by Kenn Brown is very contemporary and skilfully executed; Jim Burns’ work that accompanies The Star Necromancers is in a similar vein and fits well with the story. The other works, while perhaps not as striking as those two, contribute to a very slick finish. A visual treat, as far as this reader is concerned.

So, what of the stories, then? Continue reading Magazine Review: Interzone #208