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Budget-day thoughts on UK public transport

Today I booked my round-trip train ticket to Heathrow for Eastercon weekend; I also looked up prices for a day-return journey to London Waterloo next Wednesday for a “Web2.0 in Libraries” course I’m attending.

The latter costs more than the former.

I’m not sure what the word for this particular brand of idiocy might be; I may be obliged to invent my own. But hey, that increase in petrol tax should encourage a higher take-up of … oh, wait. We have more to fear from grumpy truck drivers than global warming, according to Mr Darling.

Now, where did I put that silver lining?

Petrol-powered booster-boots

I figure most of you have read Accelerando by Charles Stross*. Remember Spring-Heeled Jack and his rocket boots? Stross didn’t just make them up out of thin air, you know – they were a genuine invention, a product of Cold War Russia’s military technology industry that never made it into large-scale production. Pity, that – I’d quite like a pair.

*If you’ve not read Accelerando yet, what the hell are you waiting for? It’s not like you can’t download it for free with the author’s blessing or anything …