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Norman Spinrad freewares his latest unpublished novel

For those of you who don’t follow Warren Ellis’s blog*, I’ll pass on the news that the redoubtable Norman Spinrad has decided to release his latest and as-yet-unpublished novel, Osama The Gun, as free-to-read sections online. [At time of posting, that link is giving a 503 error thanks to the inevitable Ellis-readership Zerg-rush, so bookmark it and try again later.]

Apparently, Spinrad believes that he can’t get the novel published because of its political content. That fact, combined with the title, is certainly enough to pique my interest.

I think the greatest grin-inducer of this story is the idea of a former SFWA president cheerfully putting his work up on Scribd … 🙂

[* Yes, I know, the body-mod posts can be a bit frightening, even to a body-modder of sorts, but still …]

Screw it, let’s just ban everything

Straight off the bat, let me just say that when socially and mentally disturbed people shoot up rooms full of school kids, I have no sympathy with their cause whatsoever, except to believe that society needs to find a better solution to these types of issues than simply pumping the people who experience them full of drugs with bizarre side-effects, leaving them with a lot of time alone and hoping for the best.

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