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CD Review: ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero

The ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero is a real blast-from-the-past. If one pays a lot of attention to the music media today, one could be forgiven for thinking that the term ‘punk’ covers a multitude of different sounds and styles. And to be fair, this is very true, but has as much to do with marketing as linear evolution in art. Continue reading CD Review: ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero

Blue-arsed Fly

Hey blog-fans, sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been fairly busy. One of the things I’ve been doing is reviewing bands (Editors and more, on Monday 11th for example). Check out my reviews for The Wessex Chapter of the Fly Magazine here. This was a busy gig, as I’m sure the hard working Wedge staff would testify…

This week also saw me saying goodbye to the Rock And Roll Fridgefreezer, whose faulty thermostat was no longer tolerable. Got rid of loads of drap from the flat also, which has made a little space around here. Excellent. Goodbye, Fridge of Rock…

And look what came in the mail today…

…online shopping! Fun, but expensive in the long run!

So, more witty and sharp commentary on the odder parts of life at the weekend, if you’re lucky. Heh.