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The can of worms cannot be resealed

When I read that Scalzi was running as write-in candidate for the SFWA presidency, I must confess to having emitted a wry chuckle. I’ve nothing against the SFWA, but they do give the outward impression of being the last bastion of science fiction writers who’ve completely ignored the technological changes of the last few decades, and I felt sure the Scalzi candidacy would get some conversation going.

As it did.

But it would appear that a few other candidates are rearing their heads, some serious (at least, I assume so, it seems too sane to be a you-know-what), some not quite so. Anyone spotted any others? That VanderMeer round-up seems pretty conclusive. I have to admit that, from the point of view of a UK quasi-critic with no vested interest, this promises to be one hell of a side-show – but snark and date-related shenanigans aside, we could see some serious changes if the votes fall in unexpected ways. I can’t help but think of that scene from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’…

“Nah, we’re Judean People’s Front.”


In related news, it would appear that the genre scene has granted me a title of my own, albeit one of minimal power and influence. But, hey; you want something re-named, you drop me an email.

Any fellow Eastercon goers fancy staging some sort of Velvet Revolution against the BSFA incumbents? Just askin’. 😉

Podcast round-up

It’s taken me a little while, but I’m finally getting into the podcast thing. Not making them, you understand (not yet, anyway), but listening to them. Once the routine is nailed, it’s a great format – subscribe in your feed-reader, download new episodes, dump them to your phone and listen on the way to and from work. Beats the hell out of radio, and removes that whole ‘which album’ dilemma that music brings with it. So, here’s a little round-up of the podcasts I’ve started to follow, most (but not all) of which have a science fictional flavour to them. Please let me know if there are any missing that you think I might be interested in! Continue reading Podcast round-up