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No Rock and Roll Fun

Do you love music? Do you like snark? Do you like it when people turn the tools of the tabloid hacks on the tabloid hacks themselves, and gleefully shove hypocrites from their pedestals?

Then you should be reading No Rock and Roll Fun, if you’re not already. A little gem from this morning’s selection:

“Given that the Pistols were, basically, a marketing exercise – albeit a wonderfully executed one – Lydon still popping up banging on about how great they were is a bit like seeing, say, the PG Tips chimps or the Guinness Toucan sharing their opinions about modern beverages.”


Bad movies mess with your brain

Yet again, neuroscience validates something I’ve been telling people since I was about fourteen. Via io9, we discover “that achieving a tight control over viewers’ brains during a movie requires, in most cases, intentional construction of the film’s sequence through aesthetic means.

In other words, terrible trashy films make your mind switch off. This will be a familiar theory to fellow scholars of the world as a harmonious interlaced system; indeed, you may have observed the “Bullshit In, Bullshit Out” effect in other spheres of human creative endeavour.

To balance that outburst of smug curmudgeonliness, allow me to share an example of human creative endeavour from the other end of the scale. This piece of music is called “Never Loose That Feeling” by Swervedriver – and if you’ve had a fairly decent sunny day today, and harbour a lingering penchant for early nineties alt-rock, I recommend you turn it up extremely loud.