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Subcultural conformity

William Gibson, having been asked whether he ever wanted to wear a uniform:

When was I last out of one? The extent to which we are are all of us usually in uniform brings to mind Eno’s definition of culture: everything we do that we don’t really need to. Pajama bottoms beneath a raincoat? Out of uniform. Jeans with one leg cut off? Out of uniform. Contracultural apparel disturbs us. Countercultures are intensely cultural. Bohemias have dress codes as rigid as those of merchant banks. We all read uniforms, constantly, whether we’re aware of it or not.”


Hello, sailor!

The Guardian reports that the Royal Navy may allow some of its officers to attend the Europride march in London this year…in uniform. This will bring the ‘senior service’ into line with the RAF, Army and Police, who have all had uniformed staff marching at Gay Pride events before now. Rumours that the Navy lot plan to make a float themed on Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’ are completely unfounded, and indeed made up by me.