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Dispatches from the Chthulucene

The mighty mighty Donna J Haraway on “staying with the trouble”, why Burning Man is the ultimate figure of the Anthropocene, why the Anthropocene should really be called the Capitalocene, and how we might make our way through it to a more chthonic, collective future.

Donna Haraway, “Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene: Staying with the Trouble”, 5/9/14 from AURA on Vimeo.

[ETA: OK, so they’ve restricted the embed on this vid, which is a shame. Suffice to say that, if any of the stuff I chunter on about is of even remote interest to you, you should really click through and watch this.]


Elsewhere, rogue narratologist and Adam Rothstein goes meta on design fiction in “Chased by Google X“:

“An old pair of reading glasses, some shaped balsa wood, and pieces of clear acrylic from the edge of a photo frame. Thrift stores are elephant graveyards for commodity goods—one step above having actually caught on fire, knick-knacks, appliances, stereo equipment, and AA-battery personal electronics join the heaps of consumer goodwill that saves these wonderful organ donors from the landfill.”


“Three things make a post” used to be the old blogger’s heuristic, but it’s been a busy week in which most of what I’ve read has been deeply depressing… so I’ll just point you back to my schedule for LonCon3, where I’ll be arriving sometime shortly after lunch tomorrow. See you there?

Aeroplane Attack – live in Southsea!

As you may recall me mentioning elsewhere and elsewhen, Aeroplane Attack – the band in which I do horrible things to guitar tones using small metal boxes full of electronic components – had our second gig this Monday just past. Here’s the pretty poster with our name on it:

And thanks to the good grace of one Matthew Emson (who seems to have appointed himself as Official Videographer of our meteoric[1] career) we have live footage of the set, too. The sound’s somewhat better in quality than the last video, though there’s not a lot of definition thanks to the hideous volume at which we play; nonetheless, it’s a plucky job for a little cameraphone, and another taste of melodic bombing-run fuzz from the mean streets of Velcro City:

And it seems we may well be playing again in a fortnight’s time – we must be doing something right. Either that, or word hasn’t gotten around to all the local promoters yet…

[ 1 – Yeah, meteoric – a bright flash and a fast fall to earth, AMIRITE? 😉 ]

A weekend musical interlude

Those of you who know me beyond the intarwebs will be aware that, as far as music is concerned, I’m all nineties. Nineties to the core.

And nothing says (early) nineties to me like the glorious era of shoegazer and grunge. Which was why I was totally stoked when I stumbled across a MetaFilter post that collects links to YouTube footage to some of the shoegaze genre’s greatest moments.

If you have no idea what I’m on about, watch the following – the totally sublime “Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine:

If you liked that, click through on the link above and learn yourself some proper music. If that tripped your nostalgia switch like it did mine, then take a trip down memory lane.

And if you thought that was rubbish, then name your location and choice of weapons, for I shall be forced to duel you unto the death for your foul lies and worse taste in music. 😉