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New client sites: Chris Beckett and James Lovegrove

I’m starting to settle into a decent working routine up here in the chilly yet hospitable Northlands. In something of a lifestyle shift, I start work at about 8am and finish around 6pm, and I actually have weekends, just like normal people. Well, sometimes… book reviews and such are being shunted into leisure time, for example, but they’re more like a leisure pursuit anyway, so that’s all good.

But this post is all about the results of the work… in this case, some fresh new website designs for some of my clients. Launched last week (after some merry japes with domain name servers), here’s the jade-and-marble art deco confection ordered by James Lovegrove:

James Lovegrove - author

And here’s Chris Beckett‘s new site, too; this one was actually finished back at the end of October before the house-moving chaos began, and it appears I was remiss in not announcing its launch here at the time. So, better late than never:

Screenshot of Chris Beckett's website

Both sites are full of free fiction to read, by the way, and both are new to using WordPress (and fully-interactive blogging in general), so why not pop on over there and say hello in the comments? Writers like to know people are reading them, after all… 🙂

New client site launched: Zeno Literary Agency

It’s been open to the public for a couple of days now, so I can safely announce that the new website for Zeno Literary Agency (the project formerly known as The Big Project) is live and unleashed upon the intertubes.

Zeno Agency represents a big old swathe of genre (and non-genre) writers of note, so it’ll be a good place to keep an ear to the ground as regards the publishing circuit. Go take a look.

Zeno Literary Agency

Design-wise, it’s pretty stark and minimal; the real heavy lifting was getting the client biography pages to work the way we wanted them, complete with alphabetical divisions, little thumbnails in the listings and so on. There were times at which this project was intensely frustrating, but I learned a great deal about what you can do with custom queries in WordPress in the process. Every day’s a school day.

Aesthetic and ergonomic feedback is not just welcome but positively encouraged. 🙂

Project complete: Alex-Bell.co.uk

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce the launch of a completed project, namely the new website of fantasy author Alex Bell.

Alex Bell website screenshot

Alex seems very pleased with it, and so am I – it’s definitely the ‘prettiest’ site I’ve built yet (for values of ‘pretty’ where x = ‘kinda moody in a feminine mode’), which was partly due to having the fabulous Kustaa Saksi artwork to work from for the colour scheme.

Go take a look; all feedback is appreciated!

New client site launched: Tim Lebbon, horror and dark fantasy author

Well, I’ve just sent off the invoice, and all but a last few lingering (and, frankly, very perplexing) aesthetic bugs have been squelched, so I think it’s time to announce formally that Tim Lebbon’s new website is open for business.

Tim Lebbon's website - screenshot

It’s been quite the learning curve, for an assortment of reasons that – seeing as very few of you give a crap about the internal workings of WordPress – I shan’t bother going on about here. But learning is good, and Tim’s is the first site I’ve built from scratch rather than hacking about example themes, so I was expecting to hit a few snags. Maybe not quite so many, though…

But any way – take a look, let me know what you think. I should take this opportunity to thank Tim for his patience with me, too – he’s a super gent, and no mistake. Buy one of his books. 🙂