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Friday Photo Blogging: Stone Gods

Richie Edwards of Stone Gods is a charismatic front-man, and makes for a great subject for photography – he’s just got one of those expressive faces, I guess, and a natural propensity to pose.

However, I thought I’d put this particular photo up as an example of the “happy accident” shot.

[Sharp focus on headstock] + [blurred musician in background] = [rather striking image IMHO]:

Stone Gods

It was a good show they put on (though I wouldn’t have given you tuppence for the support band Serpico, I’m afraid).

My interview with the band went really well, too – the evidence is up at The Dreaded Press, in case you hadn’t seen it already. Discover the rock and roll secrets of the Waitrose deli counter!

Writing about music

There has been an awful lot of music writing this last week, as I’m in the transitional period between writing for other people and writing for TDP only.

What that means in real terms is that I’m at double workload at the moment, and will be for the next few weeks. The upswing being that I’m learning what sort of capacity for work I have when pressed by circumstance – though it’s not an output rate I’d want to duplicate regularly without getting paid for it.

Another gig last night – reviewing My Ruin and Die So Fluid at Southampton Joiners.

I also did an interview with Tairrie B of My Ruin (which is apparently a rare privilege, because she’s quite bitter toward music journalism, and with good reason), and I think it went really well. She’s got a lot to say, and calls it how she sees it. Strong woman; respect is due.

Both bands put on a good show also; watch out for reviews and interviews in the next handful of days. Another good reason to be subscribed to The Dreaded Press RSS feed, no? 😉

Writing about books

Virtually nothing on the literary front; see above. My review of Swiftly is overdue as of today – I’d better get that finished by Sunday, I’m thinking.

I did manage to get the reviews section for Interzone #215 squared up and sent off, though.

Writing about other stuff

Not much writing about other stuff this week either – some scraps of poetry have been committed (as should their creator be, some might say), but I’ve not even had time to do a piece of Friday Flash Fiction this week, to my great shame.

It’s been ages since I missed a week, and I feel strangely guilty – it’s odd how quickly habits become entrenched. Still, it seems I am not alone in my shame this time.

Other tasks of a not-actually-writing nature have been simmering all week, though. Much planning and brainstorming (and wondering what the hell I’m letting myself in for) has taken place.

We’re very close to a point where I can announce this formally, but not quite there just yet. Ooooh, the suspense … 🙂

Books and magazines seen

No magazines this week, though a renewal slip turned up from F&SF, so I must have mis-remembered by last subscription date. The mystery of the seemingly infinite subscription is now solved!

My copy of Gene Wolfe’s Severian Of The Guild omnibus arrived early in the week from the folk at SF Site.


According to the post-mark it took exactly two months to make the journey by surface mail from Canada – I mention this not as a complaint, just a sort of “wow” observation*.


Anyway, enough of my whimsy. Or less of it, at least; a bit of whimsy is an acceptable safety valve in my all-out frantic life at the moment, I feel.

Indeed, it’s a definite manifestation of whimsy that saw me volunteering to play third guitar in a local shoegazer/space-rock band in times to come. I’m meeting up with my prospective band-mates on Sunday to discuss our mutual musical direction (or, as seems more likely, to spend a few hours enthusing over the various merits of obscure seventies stomp-boxes and wondering which of us was most likely to have won the hand of Belinda Butcher in marriage had we been in a position to ask for it*). More news on this when I have it.

But hey, look at the date – February 1st! Which means I’ve successfully not smoked for a whole month, which I’m pretty bloody proud of.

In addition to the health benefits (which I have yet to feel in any tangible manner, but I believe must exist), it’s a real psychological boost for my self-confidence. If I can change one aspect of my daily life with a bit of will-power, what else can I achieve with more of the same?

Hence February is going to involve experiments with frugality, and maybe even regular exercise. I know, it’s a scary thought. Probably more so for me than you, though**.

This weekend, with the exception of Sunday’s musical meeting, promises to be a monstrous writing binge for a second week in a row – I’m still trying to get ahead of myself and set up a routine with some flex built in.

However, having woken up this morning with sinuses aflame and limbs aching with the tell-tale signs of my first cold of the year, it seems unlikely that I’ll have much else to do, beyond the regular domestic tasks that the average bachelor hermit must perform for himself. Lucky, wot?

So I’ll be forgoing the usual pub jaunt this evening – which will be a good way to kick off the frugal regime of not drinking alcohol for a month, if nothing else.

But some traditions are too precious to be tossed away willy-nilly … and after all, The Friday Curry has proved efficacious in the management of cold and flu symptoms before. 😉

Have a great weekend, people – whatever you end up doing. Hasta luego!

[* Did you ever do that creative writing exercise at school, the “Day In The Life Of A Ten-pence Piece” story? I think about that book slowly crossing the Atlantic, and I want to write something similar. Might have made a good FFF piece, but alas, the time was not available.]

[** A pointless debate, really, as it’s obviously me.]

[*** That said, those of you who’ve seen me wearing shorts might be justified in flinching at the flashback.]