07JUL23 / accessions

The institution has been much occupied with implementing The Magrathea Protocol over the last week, but the accessions department has been beavering away nonetheless. Uncharacteristically, their work has focussed on withdrawals from the catalogue—shelf meterage is a real constraint for a small institution, after all—but there are a few fresh accessions also:

The Overstory has been on the list of acquisitions for some time; it’s something of an unavoidable tome in the field, and it’s high time it was added to the institutional corpus.

Raymond’s Denial is another of the “climate-inflicted lit-fic dabbling in genre devices” titles that seem to be cropping up a lot now—see e.g. Soto’s This Weightless World—and was picked up out of curiosity; the department does not recall seeing it mentioned or reviewed heretofore.

Our Shared Storm was gifted to the institution by its author, to whom the institution wishes to extend its thanks and best wishes.



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