14SEP23 / accessions

The department picked up DeLillo’s Underworld while wandering around the innegårdar of Malmö last weekend; Öppna Möllan is a sort of rudderless quasi-festival held at the start of every autumn, in which residents of the collective blocks of downtown Malmö open up their courtyards to passers-by and have a loppis (or yard-sale) to clear out unwanted clutter. A fine time for bargain-hunters, as is demonstrated.

Beneath the DeLillo is another accession for the institutional trophy-shelf, the proceedings (sort of) of the 2051 Munich Climate Conference, which was actually held in 2021—an interesting bit of experimental and experiential futuring, in which the institution was glad to play a minor role.

Not pictured is the third collected volume of Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol. The institution is keen to acquire the omnibus of the subsequent Rachel Pollack run, but the department is under instruction to wait until it’s available in a format less eyewatering than the current ~100USD hardback. (If any readers have a lead on that, please get in touch.)



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