26NOV2019 / accessions

Rinsed by the Verso winter sale, once again. And I haven’t even started making a list for the Palgrave cyber-sale yet…

I’m told that the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well, OK then, I have a problem: there aren’t enough days in a year.

3 thoughts on “26NOV2019 / accessions”

  1. Vertical is a fantastic book.

    The ‘elite takeover of urban skies’ explained as literal class war from above is – fantastic. It is really good at explaining how tower blocks were tested on the working class and became vilified as an urban form. It was capital that spotted the market value of putting towers back in the urban landscape and went about an aesthetic scheme marketed at ‘elites’ to revive them.

  2. Yeah, I know Stephen Graham’s writing quite well; his and Simon Marvin’s _Splintering Urbanism_ was a proper gamechanger for me during my PhD, and one of my colleagues had him as a Masters supervisor. He’s agreeably spiky toward the economic and political status quo, shall we say. 🙂

  3. We definitely share the same problem. Especially considering that three of those Verso books are sitting in my Kindle for well over a year and I’m waiting for their end of year ebook sale for Wark’s new book. 😀

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