Just realised that yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my arrival in Sweden*. As is so often the case with such temporal landmarks, it feels like aeons ago, and at the same time feels like it happened just yesterday—a cognitive distortion surely enhanced by The Still Ongoing Situation, but perhaps not as much as one might think.

Looking forward rather than backward, I have seven months left on my current postdoc contract (as it stands), and three more years of residency before I can apply for citizenship. I have three job applications in the pipe, which could take up to nine months (or more!) to actually bear fruit, plus a handful of prospects for hosting grant applications, most of which will probably have deadlines around the end of April. Meanwhile, we’re past the halfway mark of winter, the days are getting longer, and it’s about four months and change until midsummer’s day, the weeks either side of which will (epidemiology and industrial action allowing) see me ping-ponging around Europe by rail (and ferry, possibly) for assorted conventions and conferences.

Well, this is pretty much exactly what I signed up for, wasn’t it? Just need to cling on to the roundabout for a few more spins. Scream if you wanna go faster…

[ * Apparently it is also the anniversary of the original publication of Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto. Make of that particular synchronicity what you will. ]

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